Puncture Resistance Test

Packaging Compliance Labs offers testing for puncture resistance packaging. This is critical for many industries including medical devices. We test to the ASTM F1306 specification to gauge the ability of flexible barrier films and laminates to resist slow rate penetration. During the test, the amount of force and energy are recorded along with any elongation or perforation of the material.

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Industry Application

This puncture resistant test method evaluates the ability of a material to withstand a concentrated force. It is used to compare one material to another in packaging specifications. It is also useful to assess a material’s performance through an event such as shelf life or sterilization.

Frequently asked questions

How is ASTM F1306 puncture resistance testing performed?

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The test is performed at room temperature, by applying a biaxial stress at a single test velocity on the material until perforation occurs. The force, energy, and probe penetration to failure are determined.

When does Puncture Resistance Testing occur in the packaging process?

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In most cases, puncture resistance is tested and proven after the process of converting raw materials to packaging materials. Therefore, the packaging converts or manufacturers usually execute this testing.