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Where should I ship samples for testing?

Packaging Compliance Labs, LLC, C/O [Work Order #]
4334 Brockton Dr SE Suite E Kentwood, MI 49512

Are there some best practices for shipping my samples to PCL?

Yes. The following are three very helpful actions:

1. Write the Quote Number on the samples.

2. Where possible, place items on a pallet. Use added protection such as sheeting, corner boards, banding, and stretch wrap. Have samples delivered via small parcel or LTL, such as UPS, FedEx, DHL. Please use over-pack shippers and cushioning.

3. Clearly, indicate whether samples are arriving in over-packs and should be removed from over-packs prior to testing. This is important so that the lab intake technician can accurately record receiving information and properly prepare for testing.

Where can I find a copy of the PCL ISO 17025 certificate?

See Packaging Compliance Labs ISO certificate here.

Is PCL ISTA Certified?

Yes, we are. See Packaging Compliance Labs ISTA Certificate here.

What happens to my samples when testing is complete?

Completely up to you. We can either discard the samples or return them to you for further evaluations. Sample disposition is covered in the Test Parameter Sheet.

What is a Test Parameter Sheet?

The TPS is our way of ensuring that your team and ours are accurately interpreting the details of your testing program. Nothing gets lost or misunderstood. We detail our understanding of all parameters and conditions on the TPS. You review and agree or clarify; we begin your packaging testing.

Who drafts the Test Parameter Sheet?

A PCL engineer will review the quoted test plan, protocols and other supporting information. That engineer will draft the TPS for you. As soon as everything looks good, you sign it and we start!