Peel Strength Test

ASTM F88 Standard Test Method for Seal Strength of Flexible Barrier Material

This ASTM peel strength test method is commonly used to measure the strength of adhesive bonds. This test is worthwhile not only in validating package integrity and seal strength but also in quantifying the amount of opening force required for packaging.

Industry Application

This ASTM peel test is performed by cutting a 1-inch strip on the seal of a sterile packaging system. This test is used throughout the life cycle of a packaging system. First, it establishes a baseline value of your sealing characteristics. Second, as you are completing validations, it serves as a checkpoint of how a seal will perform after sterilization, transit or aging. Finally, the peel test serves as a quantifiable monitoring tool for in-process testing that demonstrates your manufacturing performance over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is peel strength testing per ASTM F88?
Peel strength, commonly known as seal strength, is a test method that covers the measurement of the strength of seals in flexible barrier materials. This test method measures the force required to separate a test strip of material containing the seal. It also identifies the mode of specimen failure.

How is peel strength testing performed?
Peel testing is performed by cutting a 1-inch strip on the seal of a sterile packaging system, attaching it to the peel strength machine which slowly pulls apart the seal while measuring the tensile load and the amount of separation of the grips.