Environmental Conditioning

Packaging Compliance Labs offers ASTM D4332 environmental conditioning to simulate particular field conditions a package will encounter as part of the supply chain. ASTM D4332 is a standard practice for conditioning containers, packages, or packaging components for testing. Specifically, ASTM D4332 is designed for the package to experience simulated environmental conditioning before it is subjected to other testing. So, for example, the ASTM D4332 would be administered as a precursor to the ASTM D4169 test.

We also provide additional standard and special conditioning services including:

  • ASTM F2825 Standard Practice for Climatic Stressing of Packaging Systems for Single Parcel Delivery
  • ISTA 2A Atmospheric Conditioning which includes atmospheric conditioning, compression, fixed displacement or random vibration and shock testing.
  • ISTA 3A Atmospheric Conditioning for packaged products for parcel delivery system shipments and includes atmospheric pre-conditioning, random vibration with and without top load, and shock testing.

Industry Application

Environmental conditioning is an important element to incorporate in your transit simulations per ISO 11607-2. Conducting this simulation provides objective evidence that your packaging can withstand the challenges of a worst-case climate condition during transit. Most standards for environmental conditioning include subzero, tropical, and desert temperature profiles. This is to test against a worst-case climate exposure for your intended shipping environment.