Transit Simulation Expansion

Small and large medical device manufacturers know their business depends on speed to market, and that the entire process from initial concept to the first sale is complex. Packaging validation is required for medical devices to go to market, and transit testing in the rough and tumble distribution environment is one of the most important steps in the packaging approval process.

No client wants the packaging validation process to get hung up on undersized or slow testing equipment, and we deliver transit testing services with responsive and reliable procedures to avoid bottlenecks.

The expert team at Packaging Compliance Labs is expanding our transit testing equipment to anticipate and respond to the ever-changing needs of medical device manufacturers. Because we continually invest in a wide range of testing equipment, our clients’ studies wrap up quicker and with more accuracy.

“Packaging testing is what we do all the time,” says Ian Brennan, Operations Manager at PCL. “We’ve expanded our transit tables to respond even more quickly so our clients have confidence that their study timelines will play out as expected and that they’re able to get their results without delays.”

PCL’s transit tables allow us to simulate conditions that medical packages encounter across many methods of shipping, including trucks, airplanes, and rail. Most distribution channels are tough environments with rough handling, jarring equipment, bumpy roads, and hard landings. Our tables provide a real-world simulation to determine if packages will arrive in the hospital or clinic with the sterile protection intact.

Our new equipment can accommodate larger-sized medical devices, like catheters with six-foot packages. With the added equipment, PCL can be more responsive to creating custom specialty profiles and tests to meet more client-specific requirements.

“We’re always looking for ways to serve our clients with better services, faster lead times, and increased responsiveness,” he says. “Our new transit tables are exactly what helps device manufacturers get their products to market faster. We’re always pushing to be the best to help our clients succeed.”

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