December 29, 2022

Production Team Appreciation

Not all heroes wear capes. In some cases, they wear hair nets and face masks! For this blog, we’re celebrating a few of the members of the production team at PCL/PCM. Our production team works for the Packaging Compliance Medical (PCM) side. They’re involved with all aspects of packaging and sealing our clients’ medical devices from performing the cleaning step, any light device assembly that is required, packaging, sealing, and applying labels. This is an important step in the medical device life cycle so having a trusted team is important. Thankfully we’ve seemed to hit the jackpot when it comes to finding reliable, detail-oriented individuals for our production team.

Below we highlight just a few of our production team: Marisol Montoya and Josh Montoya. A fun fact about our production team is that 5 of the members of the team are related!


Marisol Montoya

Marisol is the Production Manager at PCL and has been working for us for 4 years. She started working with our previous sister company and transitioned to PCL afterward. Marisol has 25+ years of medical device assembly and packaging experience, which makes her one of the most experienced employees on our team.

When asked what one of her favorite things about working at PCL is, she said she loves the family-oriented work environment. “When things come up with family, PCL leadership understands and is willing to allow the time that’s needed for whatever is going on with family.”

Her advice for clients: Trust us, we strive to do our best based on quality and experience!

Some hobbies of hers include camping, reading, cooking, playing with her two dogs (Chato and Maya), and playing the trumpet. Her favorite lunch spot is First Wok.

Chato (left) and Maya (right)


Josh Montoya

Josh is a Senior Production Technician at PCL and has worked here for 2.5 years. Josh has 8 years of experience working in the medical industry and a background in industrial design, making him an incredible asset to the team as he can view and solve problems from an artistic, yet strategic and analytical, point of view.

When asked what one of his favorite things about working at PCL he said he enjoyed being able to work using his hands and that you’re always moving around. He also added, “The quarterly parties are a plus!”

His advice for clients is more of a statement and it’s to let them know that they’re in great hands. “Everyone on the team enjoys their job. When you love your job and your coworkers, you do better work.”

When Josh isn’t at work he enjoys writing and drawing!

Josh (back right) and his friends at their college graduation.