June 10, 2018

Kaizen Event for ASTM F1980

Kaizen is a Japanese term that has gained traction in recent years among organizations of all sizes. More than just a feel-good buzzword, it is also known as continuous improvement. While any company would say they are always looking for ways to improve, Kaizen is a systematic approach that zeroes in on specific processes. The theory is that by addressing individual elements of an organization’s work using this universal approach, positive outcomes will follow. By implementing small, incremental changes in how things are done, improved efficiency and quality will follow.

#LeanBusiness: What’s In it for You?

If you haven’t had the good fortune to experience a Kaizen event, check it out. They are a powerful path to lean processes! For those new to the term, Kaizen events help teams find process inefficiencies. They can ultimately lead the way to better processes that improve performance, with faster and more accurate results. This time, we zeroed in on our Accelerated Aging test process. It’s part of our continuous improvement commitment.

#ContinuousImprovement: How Kaizen Works

Once we mapped out all the steps in our ASTM F1980 process, we upped our quality management system and solidified our top-notch quality checks.  Ultimately, we added three additional quality checks,  elected an Accelerated Aging czar, Ryan Ott, Senior Packaging Engineer, and improved our digital management systems. Our dedication to speed and quality has been a driver since we opened our doors. The faster your product can get into testing, the faster you can speed your device to market. Our lean principles help us deliver what you need, when you need it. We are believers in using Kaizen events to successfully optimize all of our processes, including ASTM D4169 and ISTA Series 2A and 3A testing!

Whatever is the DNA of your enterprise, from medical device developer, manufacturer, to doughnut king of the city, Kaizen can improve how you work, just as it has positively impacted ours. Feel free to ask a Packaging Compliance engineer how you might implement a Kaizen event. We’re happy to share our experience.