October 12, 2017

A2LA Certification Rocks

If your work involves packaging a product and requires testing, do you know if it has an A2LA certification? Should you care?

What is A2LA?

 A2LA (the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation) is a non-profit organization offering formal certification to competent testing and calibration laboratories, inspection bodies, proficiency testing providers and reference material producers. When we say “offer,” each lab seeking an A2LA accreditation must earn the designation by meeting or exceeding their independent, industry-focused criteria. Those labs passing the A2LA process show their industry that they are committed to delivering the highest quality of services.

How PCL Performed in A2LA Process

Packaging Compliance Labs earned, and has maintained, ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation from A2LA in our first quarter of doing business. The standards we met (or exceeded) included the same quality management principles addressed in ISO 9001, but go further, with specific laboratory competency findings. Once earned, certification is reassessed annually by A2LA to verify ongoing performance at the high standards required. We are also required to participate in proficiency programs for applicable testing. In our most recent re-accreditation investigation, the assessor complimented PCL as having “best in class” testing and equipment protocols.

What Does A2LA Certification Mean to You?

Certification means you can have confidence. You’ve chosen a technically competent lab with a robust quality system for your testing needs. You can also save money knowing that we’ll get it right the first time. Mistakes and bad data resulting from flawed test execution or inaccurate calibrations can lead to expensive retesting. This takes time and money, two items that companies don’t like to waste under any circumstances.

When you’re looking for a test lab, know what you’re getting. An ISO-accredited laboratory with a valid A2LA certificate on file gives the confidence that your work will be done right, using equipment and methods suitable for the testing being performed. See our A2LA Scope of Accreditation certificate.

Have questions about A2LA lab certification? Contact the experts at Packaging Compliance Labs and we can provide you with any information you may need.