October 29, 2020

How To Use an Impulse Sealer

A consistently reliable seal is the holy grail of a successful medical device launch. If your organization has not yet implemented heat sealer validation in house, this video on how to use an impulse sealer will help you plan for that. If your heat sealer station is up and running, this tutorial will help you gauge the health of your process!


First, you will need to program the sealing parameters into the sealing equipment interface.

Be sure to check both sealing jaws for any debris before using it.

Next, you will prepare the pouch sample for sealing, carefully pulling the samples taught before actuating the sealing jaw.

Once the seal is made, you will carefully visually inspect the seal to ensure no folds or wrinkles are present.

Proper training is a must for anyone on your team who might interact with the sealing process. Don’t skimp on your investment or your production floor’s ability to produce a compliant product.


Interested in learning more about how to use an impulse sealer or bringing sealing in-house? Contact us or check out our blog about heat sealers and sealer validation.