July 3, 2018

Website Launch Alert: We Have Liftoff

2018: The Year of Re-Packaging

Packaging Compliance Labs is pleased to officially announce the launch of our new website. The new pkgcompliance.com was the final step of three core areas of reinvestment in our business for the year.  Wanting to be conscious about our growth, it was also a good time to step back. We consider customer service our top priority, so we asked ourselves what we could do to ensure that as we grow, your experience with us will only get better.

Good Things Happen in Threes

In January 2018, PCL doubled its lab space, setting the stage for a big year, literally. We then tackled a robust expansion of our transit testing and accelerated aging capabilities and throughput. The new website was the third step to increase our conversations with industry. Our goal was to make it easy for you to quickly find what you need, whether it’s help with compliance packaging or validation, to ask a question, get medical packaging news, or discuss a challenge that requires packaging expertise, stat.

Website + Medical Device Parallels

We were surprised at the parallels of  a website launch to the medical device launches we support. Similar to a medical device launch, a website “go-live” is just a moment in time. True, it’s a moment that marks a significant milestone, but the work is just beginning. We will continue to add free tools and resources that can help in the day-to-day if you are a packaging engineer. You can look up ASTM tests, ISTA  requirements or other validations. You’ll also find a growing library of helpful calculators, white papers, case studies and more in Tools + Resources, so check back often. Our News + Blog (you are here) will continue to cover important packaging engineering news and emerging trends.

As always from the PCL team, we welcome your honest feedback. Want to see how our packaging engineering department works? Go now. Need a quote? Have a question? Try the live chat popup at the lower right of your screen.

Thank you for making it all possible, we’re excited to better serve you on the World Wide Web.





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