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March 28, 2019



Thanks, HealthPack 2019, for the great stats you shared with us. For anyone who missed, we have pulled a sampling of HealthPack 2019 industry feels, as reported in the 2019 Polling Summary!

Dragging your feet on EU MDR readiness?

You’re not alone. In this year’s poll, only 58% of respondents said they were adequately prepared. That means 10% fewer firms feel prepared than they did in 2018.

Action step: We can guide your products to high ground on EU MDR requirements. Legacy products especially may be at high risk. We’re up-to-the-minute on symbol/labeling changes and all other aspects of this major initiative. With EU MDR enforcement effective May 26, 2020, now is a good time.

Short on packaging engineers?

You’re really feeling this challenge in 2019. Respondents this year who feel they don’t have adequate dedicated packaging engineering resources is a whopping 69%. That’s up from 49% last year!

Action step: When the going gets tough, call PCL. Our bio sciences-dedicated, full-service packaging engineering group can innovate, update and remediate your design needs and beyond.

Got compliance?

Way to go, Industry! Our 2019 poll results show that 41% of responding firms score their compliance confidence at “100% Best in Class.” Last year, only 32% were feeling that kind of swagger. Another 40% of poll participants scored their compliance confidence at a comfortable “75% Established, with minor questions.”

Action step: Contact our compliance experts with your questions and be at 100% Best in Class confidence!

How long is this gonna take?

When asked about lead times, 14% of HealthPack poll takers said that new design/packaging change and spec change projects are taking six months or under—up five percent from last year! Almost half of respondents described overall lead times in the 6 to 12 month range. Last year, 48% reported overall lead times at 12-18 months.

Action step: Check out the Packaging Compliance Lab performance stats tracker for starters, then contact us with your packaging engineering scenario. PCL MicroPrograms are another clock-buster option for many important studies. 

To peel or not to peel?

Most of us have heard debate around establishing a “greater than 1.0 lbs.” standard for peel strength pass/fail testing. ASTM F88 studies assess performance, but thus far, no criteria has been formalized as to what must be met. Industry seems to be coming around to the validity of establishing formal standards.

In 2018, just 8% of respondents were in favor of a “greater than 1.0 lbs.” standard. This year, 21% expressed support for the same.

Action step: As the standard setting conversation continues, know your pouch and peel performance, with our ASTM F88 testing.

Are you my match?

When it comes to choosing an industry supplier partner, there can be no smoke and mirrors and failed first dates are not an option. (Tinder and eHarmony are dead to us.) We asked HealthPack survey takers what is the most important attribute in choosing a vendor to work with, 47% of respondents named “partnership” as the #1 criteria. Interestingly, that’s a big drop from 2018, where 63% answered the same. Total cost was a distant second at 20% (up from 17% in 2018). Other desired qualifications of note were “past experience” and “innovation,” while 10% of respondents indicated that they are told who to use.

Action step: We are your packaging partner. Let us know what you need, today. See you at HealthPack 2020!

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